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Web Design Galway

We offer affordable and responsive website design services at a higher quality in comparison with any of our competitors. We are the newest website design company in Galway City. We follow the latest trends and as a new player on the market we are eager to prove ourselves better than most of our older competitors, offering our clients a clear advantage in our services range. Our services evolve, adapt and surpass competitors every time. We have many web design services, of wich anyone can avail, so call us today.

While Creative Labs Web Design Galway are a new company, a fresh startup you might believe that we are not as experienced as other companies. Wrong. We are software developers, Graphic Designers and Network administrators. We prove with every web design project that we have deeper understanding  about trends and we will lead the market in the shortest timpe posible.

We have learned about the latest programming languages and engaged in all opportunities to learn, so we can face most of our client’s requirements. For hosting, we provide our customers with excellent Cloud Hosting Services from Irish Hosting and our Search Engine Optimisation packs surpass any product on the market at the moment.

We are experts in Website Design, E-commerce Websites and hosting environments and work with fastest web hosting companies, priced reasonably. Only the best prices and services for all of our clients. We hit the market also with the lowest website maintenance package. Only €32.50/ month for E-Shops and €21.50/month for WordPress brochure websites.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design GalwayResponsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. Recent work also considers the viewer proximity as part of the viewing context as an extension for RWD. All our websites come with this feature included for free, unlike other companies that charge aproximatively one thousand euro for this feature.

responsive web design galway

Why Us?

The approach to each new project is individual, we treat equally every customer, regardless of the size of the company and its budget.

After delivery of the project we carry out the promotion and support of the site, helping the client to attract traffic from the Internet.

We have one of the greatest Search Engine Optimisation techniques available that set new trends this year, 2020 but also surpass any other marketer effort outhere when it comes to the price/quality comparison.

Call our number today or get in touch with us via WhatsApp. Check the green WhatsApp logo on the left. We will respond as quick as posible.

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Why choose Creative Labs Web Design Galway?

Creative Labs are a Galway based web design service, offering high quality web design in Galway or nationwide complemented with custom web development and digital marketing. We help brands to flourish online and specialize in working with businesses throughout Ireland. Web design is a demanding and creative process and we are proud to work in tandem with our clients to combine form & function & deliver high-end successful and user friendly websites.

We are user-focused and our talented web design team in Galway City, prioritise the customer journey at every stage, continuously improving to ensure your website is always at the forefront of innovation.

The cutting-edge thought and expertise that forms our design process is not only award-winning but crucial to the success of your online business. The brand value of a visually appealing and user friendly website is unparalleled and can be the difference between a conversion and a bounce.

We create site maps, navigation systems and plot user journeys. We sketch wireframes, then build and develop them, including more detail with each iteration until we end up with clickable prototypes.

Web Design Galway

We design and build from the bottom up – using what works as a platform for our carefully crafted code. We also keep one eye on what’s next, future-proofing your site by including the capability to embrace emerging technologies.

  • Full Website Audit
  • Full Site Security
  • WordPress Updates
  • Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Full Website & Database Backup
  • 25.0 / month

  • Payment details
    Setup fee  
    Subscription plan  
    Coupon discount (%s)  
    VAT (0%)  


  • 2 Hours Custom work/per contract
  • Malware Check & Removal
  • Anti Hack Procedures installed
  • SPAM Comment Removal
  • Site Hardening
  • Monthly Full Website & Database Backup
  • 240 / year

  • Payment details
    Setup fee  
    Subscription plan  
    Coupon discount (%s)  
    VAT (0%)  


SEO Services

SEO GalwayOur online marketing company Offers a FREE SEO Analysis report of your website so you can make an informed decision on your Websites Search Engine Optimization.

Web Development

SEO Solutions offer an SEO friendly Web Design service. As Search Engine Optimization EXPERTS, we know exactly what you need to generate a high rate of traffic

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Consultants are experts in utilizing Social Media platforms to drastically increase your brand awareness over multiple networks.

Speed Optimisation

When a website is being design there are alot of items in it that can be improved, such us images, content, hosting scripting, condensations of files. ETC..Our Speed optimisation service takes care of everything.


web design galway

Google AdWords

SEO Solutions can aim you directly at customers that want to buy your Products. A good AdWords campaign will give you a massive Return on Investment (ROI).

Web Hosting

Our fast and secure web hosting service is extremely competitive and will allow your online venture to operate at at its full potential, with loading times under one second.

Content Strategy

SEO Content MarketingSEO Solutions online marketing company will advise you on the best content creation strategy suited to your business so that you don’t fall foul of over optimisation penalties.

Emergency Repairs

We are the only company in Galway that will take a call for emergencies in the county. We offer emergency repairs to everyone that has our maintenance package. Be safe, play it smart.

Galway SEO


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Responsive Web Design Galway

Web Design Galway

Web Design Galway

Web Design Galway

Creative Labs Web Design Galway is led by Stefan Radu. He created this project from experience gathered working as Web Designer from Galway and a team of highly skilled Search Engine Optimisation Marketeers.

The simplicity and efficiency of our pricing and services will help you boost not only your business but also generate 3X revenue more than before. A quick insight into why you should choose to Creative Labs to help you increase your online presence and as your dedicated digital marketing agency.

  • We provide thorough market research and analysis.
  • A correctly designed SEO plan that works effectively with your website.
  • Outstanding conversion rate Optimization with top visibility.
  • Uniquely optimized SEO content.
  •  Consistent relevant promotions and links updates.
  • Rank Tracking software in your website.

Our services are expansive and not limited to Web Design or Digital Marketing Services only. We will help your business manage its brand and image online, improve its reviews, direct more traffic to your website, generate quality leads to perpetuate increasing sales. This we would accomplish by utilizing our Pay Per Click services, Link- Building, SEO Services, Content Creation, Paid Social Media Marketing.

We understand some approaches are considerably more compelling than others to navigate and chart your way towards two significant outcomes: ‘CREATIVE LABS Web Design Galway’ for your business and a more honed ‘SEO Service’ that will enable you to distinguish and catch sustainable future growth opportunities in comparison with your rivals or competitors.


Our E-commerce web designs are using WordPress and Woo-commerce and we work with Stripe and PayPal Payment interfaces to facilitate transactions on your websites. We offer customers GDPR Compliant products and extend our service into IT Server & Office Maintenance and GDPR Compliance services. Our promice is that we will create a beautiful website that will be pleasant to the eye, and will rank in search engines like Google.

Galway SEO Services

SEO GalwayCreative Labs SEO Galway is a leading SEO Company in Galway. We offer dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) and web design services to help you rank higher, over your competition. We have a team of highly qualified and skilled search engine specialists who are certified in Google Searches,  AdWords and ISO standards providing a wide range of services in order to generate higher visitor traffic to your website. This ensures that your website gets higher rankings on the search engine pages.

SEO in Web Development

Our Opportunity Analysis and Competitive Research services ensure that you find profitable opportunities related to your product or service niche. Our experts in SEO Galway‘s office undertake effective competitive research to ensure that your internet marketing campaigns receive the much needed stimulus to achieve higher sales and more profit.

Social Media Marketing an SEO Ranking signal

Througout time we hear the random fella talking about how much he dislikes the social media. Its no supprise at all. In real life there are only 2 typologies of users of the internet’s lonly media, that is how we call all social media. In fact We stand for correcting the name from Social Media to “I look and feel great in all my pictures media”. A real company that respects herself does not waste any time via this lonly platforms and we have seen that people who invest in the social media margins, do so only to benefit of the ranking theese network provide. That being said, we only focus on the part that will be beneficial for the website and nothing else. Companies with great social media efforts had invested to much time in growing their online presence in these platform instead of focusing on finding clients.


SEO Galway


SEO GALWAYLocal SEO is a techinque that allows a website to be localised to a certain region. For example we are based in Galway, therefore our local seo keywords for Search engine optimisation in Galway would be SEO Galway or Galway SEO. This will guarantee us a good position in searches for a local search engine. So what is a local search engines? we have 2 master Goole products. The main and big one is Then we have for Ireland, but inside Ireland there is a sub-google search engine for each county in Ireland. That is how Google does their local ranking and manage to send user information relevant to the location where the user is searching from. In 99% case studies, local seo is the first signal that boosts sales to most small and medium enterprises, as they can be found in the areas where they operate. A higher nationwide service require massive investment in search engine optimisation therefore it is much harder to achieve.


If you want to increase the flow of customer traffic to your website and improve the overall sales, then the best way to do it is to make use of a well-planned and effective SEO strategy. Most probably you are reading this because you found us amongst the top rankings on Google. Let us do the same for you. To “get to the top list of Google Search Engine” is not an easy task and it requires tremendous effort. We can do all that for you so you can use the time you have for all the other esentials.

SEO in the Web Hosting

Our fast and secure web hosting service is extremely competitive and will allow your online venture to operate at at its full potential, with loading times under one second. This is a key ranking factor for SEO, that many so called experts ignore. Since we are paying attention to this the results of all our websites are dramaticaly increased in ranking without the need of external SEO Linking. Of course not to the first page, but still, we noticed that hosting can help a website jumps at least 4 to 5 pages of Google search. That means 50 positions in ranking, comming from the dept of the Internet to the front runners.


SEO Content MarketingWe touch on every single bit of information required by Google, and tick every checkpoint on their lists of what to do. Most sites will start ranking imediately in lower competitive niches just by adhering to Google’s guidelines. Then helped by our SEO Techniques they quickly become the only visible search returned on all devices. If you rank well in Google you will rank well in all other search engines, so we have to focus only on the Big Brother – Google.

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